Introducing the get it girl show

Get It Girl is focused on creating kickass content that the female entrepreneur can learn from. We bring you real life situations, stories and tips to help you make the step from a happy hour idea to an actual product launch, marketing and being successful. Get It Girl was founded in 2016 by Jenna Rutschman life-long serial "I have a great idea" gal who wanted to hear a brand talking to the female entrepreneur about the ups and downs of startup life.

Our soon to be released PodCast The Get It Girl Show season one will follow the pie-in-the-sky dream story of WineBlock. A new product that went from a happy hour conversation amongst friends to a full blow new-to-market product. We will continue to interview WineBlock and learn about their real life wins, #fails and opps moments. Along with WineBlock we are bringing in startup mavens from all experience to share some fun, funny, female focused stories. We do this once a week. With wine (duh).

branding & programming 

We dig PodCasts. Big. Time. We listen to a bunch of fun, interesting PodCasts many focused on marketing and entrepreneurship. We felt a void in our PodCast world, we wanted real life, real products, real starts and real lady's talking about their journey. We are not man eaters, don't worry many a fellow will join the soon to launch PodCast. But The Get It Girl Show wanted to embrace the female entrepreneur at all stages of their growth and determination. Tune in early 2017 to hear crisp, real and helpful startup stories. Visit our site for more of our vision and a soon to launch wallspiration shop.