Smith & dale

Smith & Dale helps nonprofit businesses raise more money. Based in Tucson, Arizona Smith & Dale provides customized strategy that will organize, inspire and coach non-profit businesses staff and board through managing change, overcoming challenges and reaching ambitious goals. They are a full-service consulting firm with more than 50 years’ experience, and have helped successfully raise over $60 million. Their results are better leadership, better communication, better strategic direction, and better planning which all contribute to raising more money.


full-scale marketing support

Left of West is the full scale marketing support, strategist and executor for marketing efforts on behalf of Smith & Dale. Together we handle daily/weekly/seasonal activities such as:

  • Website Development & Maintenance
  • Social Media Posting
  • Presentation Design
  • Art Direction of all Photoshoots
  • Email Marketing
  • PodCast Production, Editing, Strategy
  • Online Product Development
  • Assistance Within Thryve Startup Tucson Presentation & Proof of Concept