WineBlock and sister product CoffeeBlock are an on-the-go, pocket sized, preventative anti-stain treatment for your lips and teeth. WineBlock approached Left of West for startup consulting which has relayed into branding, website development, social media execution, product strategy consultation, proof of concept and digital marketing. We are thrilled (as are our lips & teeth) to be part of this great startup & their soon-to-launch product.  


startup Consultation

Left of West has acted as a coach for the co-founders of WineBlock. Advising on branding, marketing and also providing helpful insights to startup needs (such as consulting lawyers and other behind the scenes items). Left of West and WineBlock plan to have a long term relationship continuing to curate their fun and influential brand as their first to market product launches in late 2016.

creating a brand

Creating a brand from the ground up is exciting and challenging. We know our market (wine and coffee lovers) but also wanted to have a fresh feeling for WineBlock. The team decided on a simple font based logo with a strong color palette using black, white and wine colors. The goal of WineBlock is to stop wine mouth and lip stains, we figured this could be done with humor and some in-your-face we are drinking wine images.